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One Night Only: World Cup



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Four teams vie for supremacy in a night of memorable matches, where the two teams with the most points at the end of the night will proceed to the World Cup Finals Elimination Match to determine the World Cup Champion.

    Magnus (team UK) vs. Mr. Anderson (team Aces & Eights)

    Kenny King (team USA) vs. Sonjay Dutt (team International)

    Lei'D Tapa (team International) vs. Hannah Blossom (team UK)

    D.O.C./Knux (team Aces & Eights) vs. Funaki/Petey Williams (team International)

    Wes Briscoe (team Aces & Eights) vs. Rockstar Spud (team UK)

    Bad Influence (team USA) vs. British Invasion (team UK)

    Ivelisse (team Aces & Eights) vs. Mickie James (team USA)

    James Storm (team USA) vs. Mesias (team International)

    Team USA vs. Team Aces & Eights