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Impact Tote Bag Special - T-SHIRT/DVD COMBO

$24.99 $74.99


THE BROWN BAG SPECIALS ARE BACK!! Just more eco-friendly and we're calling them the SHOP IMPACT TOTE BAG SPECIAL this time. (I know it's a mouthful but it's worth it.

Not only are the Shop Impact Tote Bag Specials more eco friendly, their 22 inch handle and 14 inch by 13 1/4 inch bag has a fantastic random collection of 2 DVDs, a t-shirt, event exclusive Shop Impact Gear, photos and more. Each bag and it's contents are wort at least $75 but you can get it for only $24.99.

Simply select your preferred t-shirt size and we will randomly select a bag color and put each bag together with all that stuff exploding out of our shelves.

Each bag is sold AS IS. There are no returns or exchanges on any items included on the Shop Impact Tote Bag Special.