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Impact Brown Bag Special

$19.99 $160.00


Impact Brown Bag Special

Don West here at

I will tell ya where we’re going to startthat’s right the item I made famous the “Brown Bag Special”

Now it's time to do the IMPACT Brown Bag Special. This will live in our system always. So what a re you gonna get?

You're gonna get not 1, Not 2, Not 3, but 4 DVDs!
‘_One Random T-Shirt in the size you choose
‘_One Random Banner

We want you to get what you want so please be sure to add any comments of any T-shirts or banners you desire. We can't guarantee, but we always try and honor wishes!

”It's The Greatest Deal In Professional Wrestling!”

1 Brown Bag 4 DVDs and 1 Random T-Shirt + 1 Banner
2 Brown Bags 8 Different DVDs and 2 Random T-Shirts +2 Banners
‘_3 Brown Bags 12 Diffrent DVDs and 3 Random T-Shirts +3 Banners